Campsite near Suscinio

camping suscinio

Located in Sarzeau on the Rhuys peninsula, the Suscinio castle near your campsite is the sentinel of the Gulf of Morbihan, a vestige of a past in which Brittany was one of the most powerful duchies in France.

The Château de Suscinio was originally built by the Duke of Brittany Pierre de Dreux in 1218. His son Jean 1er Le Roux, continued this work and also fenced part of the Rhuys forest to make it a domain of hunt.
Its restoration continues even today accompanied by an excavation campaign started in 2013 to find the different construction elements of the castle.

Discover the permanent exhibitions at the Château de Suscinio, near your campsite

  • First floor : Discover the 900 years of history in the field. A scenography is embellished with the presentation of archaeological pieces, from excavations of the chapel and the castle.
  • Second floor : Admire a presentation of daily life during the Dukes' era. Models and medieval settings will help you immerse yourself in the history of the place.
  • Last floor : Experience the highlight of Suscinio's show, the chapel's paving room. From the first excavations on the chapel this collection of ceramics is extraordinary by its beauty, its good state of conservation and its exhaustiveness.