"Le Bono"

Discover Le Bono

Le Bono is a small peaceful village which has preserved its authenticity. This magnificent port, located near Auray, is a real pleasure for gentle strolls.

Bono once knew an important activity with approximately four hundred sailors and more than one hundred boats! From the old Bono suspension bridge, enjoy a superb view of the port and the former oyster-farming yards. You will discover wild landscapes of rare beauty by taking the coastal paths!

To see:

The Old Suspension Bridge connecting the Bono to the Pays d’Auray is an essential monument of the town! The bridge has been completely renovated and reopened to pedestrians and cyclists.

The Tumulus of the Rock known as the “Tumulus of Kernours”, a site dating from the Neolithic (around 3000 BC), formed of a mound of earth and several tombs from the Bronze Age. This megalithic complex is nestled inside a pine forest overlooking the Bono river.